moving on, moving on,
tell yourself one last time,
you need to move on.

be authentic. set your true self free
for there are so many people out there in need
of the gifts you bring

let go of the past. release your mistakes,
the ones that keep you locked in that dark place,
let go of the self-hate

love the woman you used to be
just as you’ll learn to love the woman you are now
for no one gets through this life unscathed somehow

so move on from the sadness. let go of your fears
and claim all the good that is waiting for you.
this is your year.

would you rather

if you could choose moments to take with you wherever you go,
which ones would you pick?

would you choose that first time he spoke your name
or would you rather go for that first kiss?

would you discard the moments when he broke your heart
keeping the ones where he chased away the pain with a heartfelt word,

those times when you thought you couldn’t go on
until he held you in his arms and for the first time in a long time, you felt heard?

would you find it hard to pick and choose
which moments to keep and which ones to toss away

or would you rather take all the moments just as they are
no matter how many times you both have gone astray?

when you say goodbye

when you say goodbye again,
will i be ready this time around?
will i know the signs of the coming fall
or will our rendezvous be enough to keep me sound

until the next time you return, your loneliness
overcoming your need to be alone
yearning the feel of someone to hold you
seeking in each one of us the solace of home?


it’s the little things you do that make me happy
like remembering to wish me a happy valentine’s day
as i lie here snuggled under the covers
feeling like it’s suddenly my birthday

it’s the sweet things you say that make me smile
gentle words you know touch me deeply
simply because that’s just the way you are
and it’s why i love you completely

happy valentine’s day

too late

i found a book i used to write my dreams in
my hopes from twenty years ago
all forgotten until i flipped open the pages
and found myself gazing at a woman i used to know.

she dreamed of rock climbing and traveling
to Paris, the Brontë sisters’ moors, and Rome,
she dreamed of a cottage on a hill blanketed in fresh snow,
wishing one day she’d have a beautiful home of her own.

she dreamed of time slowing down for a kiss from her beloved
his ring around her finger glittering in the sunlight
she dreamed all these things and more
until reality swallowed every single hope in one bite

i should return the book on the shelf and pretend i never found it
for it’s too late for me to dream such silly things,
but she pressed the book to my breast and whispered,
it’s never too late to live the life you still believe in.

the game

you’re not good for me,
everyone knows that
but my heart hasn’t gotten the memo yet
still trying to remain detached

walking right along the middle
between good choices and bad
one side looking quite boring
while on the other, lots of fun to be had

where there are no rules
not the ones everyone knows of
except for one that gets broken every time
it’s when someone falls in love

so what can you do then,
when you’ve clearly broken the rules?
do you say time out and leave the game
or do you keep going and play the fool?

secret room

your voice unlocked a room in my heart
i never knew was there
where ghosts of my past shimmered
and darkness whispered, beware…

turn away and stay away, she said
for nothing in here is safe
he’ll only stir memories long forgotten
and hopeful dreams bound in chains

he’ll lead you where you shouldn’t follow
to a place of heartbreak and pain
so take care
, she said to me
or you’ll sink right back into that pit of shame.

but i didn’t listen, did i?
i let your voice seep deep within
till the day i stood in front of that secret room,
unlocked the door and walked right in.

little deaths

le petit mort,
that’s what she called them,
those precious moments
when he’d let go

the sound of him,
the sight of him
basking in the

allowing himself that moment
when nothing else mattered
but the beating of his heart,
the heightening of
every sense

a floating,
searing feeling
leaving them
no room for

secret place

we all have them
and you’re mine
you’re the one
i’ll be thinking of
when no one is looking
time after time

it took forever
for us to figure things out
but with you here with me
your touch,
your voice
erases every

so i’ll keep you
hidden away
in my deepest secret place
as you keep me safe
in your strong
and warm