It’s Okay to be Different

Did you know it’s okay to be different?
my son said to me today
when I told him he needed to fit in,
that way things will be okay.

I like being myself, he said,
I like being me.
And in his eyes, I saw my fear
for a world that he cannot yet see

A world that may have lost kindness
and understanding so long ago
a world that won’t have any patience
for things they no longer have time to know

that not everyone is going to fit in
some people just like being the way they are
unique and smart, beautiful and kind
different like every shining star

but if there’s one thing i know
as we journey together through all this
i’ll raise him to be strong for himself and others
and to always stand up for those easily dismissed


she lived her life the best she could
amongst the wealthy, the arrogant,
the poorest of heart,
the ones who didn’t care
for the likes of her,
who delighted
in tearing her apart

but she rose high above the ashes
though they left her covered
in unseen scars,
believing she was too soft, too weak,
too simple-minded,
yet she made it
through the wars

it gave her depth and substance
making her the strong woman
that you see now
though kindness radiates
from her weary eyes
don’t ever discount the sweat
that lines her brow

for she’s tougher than you think
more courageous
than you or me
and when the time comes
when our mettle is tested
she’ll be the only one left standing,
just wait and see

world kindness day

seeking human kindness
do you know where i can find it?

once upon a time it may have been more abundant
but these days i hate to admit

that it’s scarce and barely catching demand
yet it’s sorely needed by everyone

who may not even remember the feeling anymore
too lost in the lies that’s been spun

like spiderwebs revealed in the sun
difficult now to discern the truth from the lies

silken strands now frayed, betrayed
every bit of truth dangling like caught flies

leaving us starved for a world that used to be
can we still find it within you and me

or is it long gone like his sign says
can you see what i see?

can we make it work and not just for today
but every day for the rest of our lives

let kindness be a way to live each day
and maybe then peace will finally arrive?

“The muse is not an angelic voice that sits on your shoulder and sings sweetly. The muse is the most annoying whine. The muse isn’t hard to find, just hard to like – she follows you everywhere, tapping you on the shoulder, demanding that you stop doing whatever else you might be doing and pay attention to her.”

-Harlan Coben

morning ritual

there’s got to be coffee in the morning
for I can’t function without at least a cup
followed by a look inside my little black book
telling me what’s up

for I really can’t count on my phone anymore
the one with all the bells and whistles
the moment I switch it on to look at my schedule
distraction lands like heat-seeking missiles

so i’m just going to enjoy my coffee
and savor the moment for a while
reach across the table for your waiting hand
and lose myself in your smile

how could i not know?

facebook told me it’s your birthday today
and so i quickly typed out a post to wish you
a fantastic day
but something told me to check your page first
where i found out you died fourteen months ago
and my bubble burst
how could i not know that you’ve been gone all this time
all while planning to see you again and say hello
just like the good old days…
how could i not know?

you were only forty-five, brin, way too young to go
i can still remember you telling me to stop driving
that little car while i was pregnant
oh the things you knew that i did not know
yet you trusted me all those years, too
how we laughed at the stories we both told
as we spent those afternoons believing
life had so much to offer us
as we’d both grow old
with our vices and our sins…
how could i not know?

it’s time

it’s a gorgeous morning
even with cloudy skies outside
i dreamt of you again last night
your smile lit up my world from the inside

but it’s time to begin again, my love
time to forget the past and move on
expect only the best that life has to offer
for i’ve been living in darkness for too long

it’s about time i start believing
that today’s a brand new day
filled with joy and beauty and grace
thank you for showing me the way

let me never end a day without a smile again
no more sad tears, no more goodbyes
you’ll be in my heart forever, my love,
but it’s time for me to break the ties

little journeys

little journeys here and there
that’s where your spoken words have taken me
secrets long hidden now exposed
thank you for the little truths I didn’t see

that i’ll always be beautiful in your eyes
maybe one day i’ll see it in mine
until then i’ll hear you whisper the words in my ear
till each discovery will ring true in time


i woke up today not missing you
as much as i did yesterday
you could say it’s an improvement
i no longer feel as frayed
as i did when you left
those first four weeks were simply hell
not knowing what to do with my emotions
even with your well thought-out farewells

but you were right to say what you did
that time will heal the pain i’d feel
time always does, it seems
which only makes everything surreal
the pain that seemed so true
emotions that overtook all reason
as if reminding me i still existed
my heart guilty of treason

one day i’ll forget all about you
like i’ve forgotten everyone who came before
their names hidden inside every poem
as my heart sang and my soul soared
powerful at every start
overruling everything i believed to be right
until every lie broke my heart
its pieces cast out like stars in the night

it’ll be okay

it’ll be okay, i tell myself
for what else is there left to say
when my heart and mind can’t take any more
of the bad things happening every day

the ones you don’t see or hear about
they’re the worst ones of all
when you don’t know what lies behind their eyes
until the moment when you fall

down on your knees praying for reprieve
that may not just come
for the world’s gone too dark now
where has all the love gone?

but it’ll be okay, we’ll tell ourselves
until we run out of things to say
but only half-truths and outright lies
and it’ll just be another day