we are not safe

we are not safe
and that is the god awful truth
for we’re treated as nothing more
than chattel most times
under the veneer of civility
hiding lessons learned from youth
such that you can hit a woman
because she must have done something
to deserve it and even if she didn’t,
you can still hurt her
because you’ve seen everyone do it.
for she’s something to look at.
she’s something to adore.
she’s some thing you can tuck away
in a corner when you feel like it.
she’s a thing to use and nothing more.
maybe sometimes she’ll give her consent
to do to her as you please with set boundaries
you may both agree upon and a simple word
to put her back at ease. but such is not the case
for most women out there and how I wish this were not true.

we were never safe then and more so now.
is there a way to change all this,
starting with me and you?

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