snowfall, drifting like feathers against the street lamp
the crunch of snow beneath our boots,
the brisk night air far from damp
the feel of your gloved hand reaching for mine
this walk on a snowy evening, you say, is simply divine

but it’s what awaits us that excites you the most
a roaring fire, reading love notes that you wrote
as i’ll admire the view of you in exquisite lace
the string of pearls i gave you gracing your secret place

gliding, tingling, awakening
sensations only i can command
with a simple look, a touch of my hand
no need to say more for you understand

that you are mine and mine alone
your heart, your soul, your every moan
but not yet, i say as i bring your hand to my lips
let’s enjoy this walk on this chilly evening,
there’ll be so much time later for kisses and whips to seal this partnership

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