Let Your Soul Play

Well, what do you know?  It’s Saturday!
One of the best days of the week,
when the world slows down and says, “Hey!
Life really isn’t that bleak.”

So throw all your worries away,
forget about every one’s tantrums
The week is over; it’s time to play
Time to smell all those flowering blossoms

Or write a poem and read it out loud
even if there’s no one there to listen
Let your thoughts spring wings and fly
Let your dreams find their haven.

Or maybe hike up that hill in the distance
and watch the birds fly high above
Blink at the sun’s rays warming your skin
Be with the people you love.

Tonight, let’s pop open the wine
And turn up the volume just a bit
so we can dance like no one is watching
This is no time to sit still

But laugh, and even sing if the mood hits you
Forget the housework for just one day
It’s time to rest, it’s time to let go,
time to let our souls play.

Daily Prompt

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