Beauty, Undone

You are very beautiful to me,
even with the imperfections that you see.
The too-wide eyes, that loping smile,
the way you wear your hair, your very own style.

Don’t listen to what others tell you,
nor pay attention to what they say you should do,
that each line upon your skin a mark of future correction.
Don’t they know that underneath it all, you’re perfection?

A nip here, a tuck there –
beauty at a price, everywhere,
but beneath all that is just decay.
Is that really the game you want to play?

So smile that smile and be brave
Become that peaceful soul you crave.
For you’re perfect just the way you are,
beautiful beneath every wrinkle, every scar

Dry your eyes, stop wishing to become
like everyone else, empty as a deafening drum.
Stop changing yourself to fit into what you think is true,
strive to be at peace with your soul – just…just be you

And as you look at yourself – so beautiful, so free,
unencumbered by what the world defines as pretty,
though acceptance can be the most difficult thing, it can be done.
It’s a hard road, I know – it’s why I’m still undone.

Daily Prompt

9 thoughts on “Beauty, Undone

  1. I consider beauty as those virtues and characteristics that set my senses on fire and visual attractiveness is only a small part of that. A woman that is comfortable in her own skin, cares about herself and strives to show dignity and grace is far more beautiful than just a pretty face. The beautiful soul in a plain brown paper wrapper is the real prize, in my opinion. Other’s mileage may vary.

    1. I think because we’ve become a visually dependent society – “selfies or it didn’t happen” moments, seeing is believing, and more – so we put more stock on what we can see instead of what we can feel. The soul can be easily forgotten unfortunately, because after all, people still argue whether it exists and how much it weighs unseen, and forget to *feel* people’s presence and impact more than just looking at the physical and not going beyond it.

      1. This is so true of our me me me duckface selfie societies. I’m a dinosauer but I like my irrelevant and outdated way of life. I actually grew up with a black dial phone and a toaster as the only technology in the house. Later we added BW TV. The ultimate sin was when we got a music console and color TV. My mother, not falling for it at all, forbid us to be in the house from breakfast to dinner. We had to play outside with other humans, wild or domesticated animals, or alone. I learned to connect or disconnect from humans and my environment, not wifi. Those days are long gone and we are as disposable to one another as a Bic lighter or Happy Meal. A smart phone is a totally different story 😍

      2. Ha Ha! I may have to. Willy wants one really bad. He googles pictures of other dragons to see what they are wearing and how to control dragon breath. 🙂

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