The History He Will Read

When my 7-year-old son asked his father today
what the Museum of Tolerance was,
“It’s a scary place, son. And creepy, too,”
he replied with barely a second’s pause.

“You’ve never even been there,” I told him,
“You have no idea what you’re saying.
For even though history may at times be scary and creepy,
there are events in the world we can’t bear repeating.”

“He needs to know what happened,
we can’t allow the guilty wipe the slate clean.
He needs to know everything he can about tolerance,
its meaning, its virtues, and the world that could have been

if only people stopped being hateful,
ignorant, and full of prejudice,
for our son needs to know that now,
before someone else tells him for us.

For history is now being rewritten,
and we cannot let them wipe the bloodied slate clean
We need to remember and never forget
all the things that happened, every ounce of hatred felt and seen.

4 thoughts on “The History He Will Read

    1. And of course in Texas.
      In fact, almost nowhere in the world remains untouched, and the US has a president who bans refugees and commemorates the Holocaust without mentioning the 6 million Jews who died. The world is a disgusting place these past few years.

  1. And some don’t want to admit that the shooter was not one of their stereotyped ‘foreign’ bogeymen, but a homegrown white, middle class male loner radicalized by LePen’s extreme nativist views and Trump’s alt-right rhetoric, someone who called feminists ‘feminazis’ and trolled refugee facebook groups.

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