Explain To Me Again #DaniMathers

explain to me again
what gives you the right to shame someone
who could have been anyone, even me
minding my own business at the gym
only to discover my imperfect body
revealed on a whim
right on your social media feed
where you decided to share,
the utter ugliness of your soul
that no surgery in this world can ever repair

Body shaming isn’t new and it isn’t going away, and today, just when I was thinking of paying the extra $5 to have my son stay at the childcare center that’s attached to my gym while I worked out because heaven knows my body is changing with the coming of the years – but I will never use the showers though – I will let my car stink of sweat on my five minute drive home before I will strip and take a shower in any gym, not when there are people like Dani Mathers taking pictures of unsuspecting patrons and posting them all over social media with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this, you can’t either.”

It’s hard enough to witness your body changing as you get older, tougher still when society expects you adhere to standards popular media sets like, women have to be this thin or that beautiful, or have perfect breast sizes or puffed-up lips.  I remember older clients tell me that aging isn’t fun and that we as a society appreciate antiques way more than old people.  And I hate to say it, but they’re right.  

File Jul 15, 12 34 17 AM


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