Am I really in charge
like I​ used to be,
when I​ made the decision to let go
and finally be free?

but that was so long ago
when my world was much simpler then,
when the days were much brighter,
and the long nights not yet fallen,

when dreams could be a reality,
when despair didn’t walk by my side.
Am I really in charge now that I’m older,
or am I just numb and dead inside?

via Autonomy — The Daily Post

3 thoughts on “Autonomy

  1. I have a strong desire to share this with mt son. We are struggling, because he wants to do everything on his on, and the way he wants to do it.

    Thanks for posting the title really caught my eye.

    Lastly, thank you for following Post Glow

    1. I’m so glad to know the poem resonates with you. Thank you so much for checking out my poetry and I am happy to have found your blog. You have such a refreshing voice.

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