she took me with her to the reading
because she heard he was that good
would the cards tell her she’d live happily ever after
or would she be forever misunderstood?

but the old man had no interest in telling mama her future
for his blind eyes sought mine
you’re hiding a secret, my dearest girl,
and one day you won’t be able to hide your crime.

it’ll come out soon enough so might as well say it
tell the world what you have done
your future will depend on it
no matter which way you go, your dreams are gone

you’ll grovel and you’ll beg
you’ll even sell your soul to the highest bidder
it won’t matter what you’ll do for it’s fate
even when you’ll find yourself where the grass is greener

i remember how mama laughed out loud
what kind of lies are you saying, she asked
not lies, señora, but the truth
the cards said so, just as I’ve been tasked

twenty years have passed, even thirty
and i still remember the old man’s words
of the bed i’d made and have been lying in since
made of regrets that cut each day, like swords.

via Prophecy — The Daily Post

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