She Writes

She writes for two reasons:
to express herself, and explore
the many things that shaped her,
of the darkness that came before

She views them through others’ eyes
for it’s where she feel the safest
learning the lessons never learned then
mired in self-loathing, too scared to protest

So she writes to find her strength again
hoping that maybe, she just might find it
for somewhere deep within her
a child still believes she’s counterfeit

and with each word, the healing begins
each line a victory won
till her words bound in books are judged all over again
and before long, she’s come undone

and then one day, she remembers why
she breaks her soul down into words every day
words have power, her soul reminds her
it’s how she expresses the things she can never say

for she knows she’s worth so much more
than that hour’s rankings or the day’s sales
she writes for the joy her soul remembers
each moment of healing found in her tales.


via Survival — The Daily Post

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