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So, I totally fell off the NaPoWriMo wagon and I have no excuse…unless you can call reading an excuse. Yes, you read it right! I’ve been reading. Finally!

stuckupsuit-smallThe first on my list is the hot bestseller, Stuck Up Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. It’s a contemporary romance that’s sexy, fun, exhilarating and left me with a hangover – a good one this time. Given that the last book I read in 24 hours was Under the Skin and creeped me out enough to make me into a vegetarian for 6 months, Stuck-Up Suit was a delightful read, so delightful it gave me an awesome book hangover that I’m still recovering from. A really good one. It doesn’t hurt that the drool-worthy Dusan Susnjar is on the cover and I’ll be honest – I bought it because him.

BTW, I found this and the next book while learning the ropes on Facebook as an author. It’s a whole different world over there, that’s for sure!

The second book I read is Playing the Game by Shawnté Borris. It’s got army veteran and wounded warrior turned cover model BT Urruela on the cover. BT co-founded VetSports, a nonprofit organization aimed at helping vets heal mind, body and soul – and I mention that because it will figure in the last book(s) I’m going to ramble on about.  Playing the Game tugs at your heartstrings and is more than just a simple romance. There’s also friendships, and love for family.

The third book is not romance, which is surprising given the last few books I’ve read. It’s paranormal/dark fantasy by a fellow author I “met” on Instagram and so far, I’m enjoying the book.

The Making of Gabriel Davenport is Beverley Lee’s debut novel, and if you’ve got an Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership, it’s free on KU so give this a read! Beverley did an amazing job with her novel and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

The last book(s) that are on my list just came out today and will be available for sale until June 5 so if you want to give military-themed romances a try (I think some are pretty racy), check out Coming Home, an anthology of 5 full-length novels featuring KL Grayson and BT Urruela (the veteran, wounded warrior and cover model is also a writer, yo!), Heid McLaughlin and more. All net proceeds benefit VetSports and at 99 cents for 5 full-length novels, is an excellent price for a good cause. I already have Grayson and Urruela’s book which is next on my TBR list, but I’m still working on The Making of Gabriel Davenport.


Anyway, enough of my rambling! Hope you give these books a look and tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “Book Mail 

  1. What a list! That would keep me occupied for a while. I especially appreciate the effort to showcase veterans helping veterans. Thank you for the recommendations. 😀

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I just learned about these military romances recently and have yet to read my first one but anything to support an endeavor aimed at supporting veterans has my vote, whether I read their stuff or not 🙂 I hope BT keeps plugging away at being an example of someone who didn’t become one of the 22 veterans who take their lives every day. That statistic boggled my mind when I learned about it 3 months ago and I hope we can get that number down to none.

      1. Totally agree. We need more examples of those exemplary men and women who serve a calling greater than themselves. Service member and veteran suicides are almost always tied to the backlash of feeling disconnected from loved ones and the difficulty of returning to normal life. It doesn’t help that most feel like they were betrayed by the government and their senior leaders and their sacrifice was pointless. One has to make sense of their experiences and look for the intrinsic good of their personal effort and try not to take on the guilt and shame of the results. That is easy to say but nearly impossible to do. War continues to exact a price years after it ends. Thank you again for caring and doing something to help.

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