Life in the big city and all I can see
is the world passing me by
as I try not to be
just like everyone else
though it’s quite hard to do
because who doesn’t want to fit in
even when it’s the last thing
I want to do?

For it can be quite difficult
being who I want to be
even if I know I’m just one of many
who end up being a nobody
in a world where it’s better to be seen
for who I’m not
as long as I fit in, does it really matter
that it’s not what I really want?

Daily Prompt

2 thoughts on “Window

    1. LOL if it did matter that much to me I wouldn’t be a writer wondering if it’s even worth the effort doing what I love to do. But it is a struggle. This poem is mostly geared towards selfies I see all over social media and the message it imparts about beauty and the perception you want to impart about who you are.

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