Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be filled with happiness and laughter
and may all your wishes come true
especially for children (like mine) who wish for Santa to only give him
a “Titanic-submersible-ship-that-breaks-in-two-and-goes-back-together,”
only to have his daddy give him a set of pajamas…actually two.

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

      1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Arkie!!! That’s what I told him, too, after I spent 4 hours building a Lego Titanic for him and he tore it apart on 5 minutes! I’m going to use superglue next time 🙂

      2. Use Elmer’s glue. Then if you ever decide to take it apart you just have to soak it in a tub (not necessarily your bathtub) for about an hour. It melts the glue and cleans the Legos. ❤

      3. Great idea! He is learning how to build things from the ground up though! I’m now debating if I should brave the stores to buy more even as I’m stepping on Legos all over the place! On second thought, maybe not.

  1. Hey, wish you a happy Christmas, full of love and joy with your family!! Hope you have the best one.May you feel all the love and joy throughout this holiday season and all year round.
    Your friend,
    Zee ❤

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