sex sells

sex sells!
sex sells!
why did you remove those bits out of your book
when sex always sells?
only two scenes…
out of 90K words?
only two scenes?
don’t you know that sex sells
everything else is for the birds!

who wants to read about slow attraction
when it’s instant sex that sells?
who wants to bother with character
when sex always sells?
But I’ll write about character anyway,
and the connections that matter to me
for every word I write
is really for me.


This is really just a rant poem, because that’s all I can really do at the moment besides ask myself why I’m still writing when I should just call it quits.  Today someone who bought my book told me she started reading it last week, and after so many missed opportunities for my characters (cock blocks really), she had to skim forward to the sex scene but even then, she said she felt let down because there was not much detail.  So she asked me how many more sex scenes there were and I said one more, and then she asked, “so what’s the book about then?”


8 thoughts on “sex sells

  1. Agree – if I want erotica, i buy erotica. Truth is, I prefer a story and a plot. Sex is a nice addition, but if there isn’t sufficient plot and characters I care about? Nope.

    Keep writing.

      1. Truth is if there is no plot and such, I don’t care HOW good the sex is… it’s just porn. So gimme the plot and character building, along with the great sex!

  2. I LOVED your book just for that simple reason. I’ve gotten to the point where I skim the sex scenes to get back to the story. If she wanted to read that stuff she should buy a new copy of “Fear of Flying” by Xaviera Hollander. ❤

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