5 thoughts on “Supposed To Be

    1. Lol that was just in response to a piece of teen writer advice that someone I follow regrammed on Instagram. As if being a writer – the choice alone – isn’t bad enough, we’re supposed to be always positive because no one likes negative people, and of course how your negativity can affect your image as a writer, and I’m sure, sales. It’s the whole selfie mentality applied to writers – show how perfect and positive you are because that’s what people will remember. To me I remember a writer more when he’s honest. Or maybe I should stick to poetry because then negative themes in poetry seems like it’s excused more or seen as some quirk reserved to poets.

    1. Thank you. While I understand the rationale of being positive all the time for the sake of image, it’s such a sanitized version of writers that’s so far from the truth. If we weren’t plagued by so much self doubt and even negativity the lot of us wouldn’t be writing as much as we do (I’m only speaking for myself though LOL)

      1. i completely agree…i think it is in our understanding of those emotions both the dark and the light that we can write pieces that connect with human nature ❤ thanks for sharing!

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