Happy Fourth!

Photo by Paul Durano
Photo by Paul Durano

It can be a struggle sometimes taking the little one to things like this, where he claims to love fireworks but the moment the fireworks start, he shuts his eyes and covers his ears and says he wants the “small fireworks.”  And then when the show is all over, and everyone is heading home, he’s screaming and crying that he wants to stay and watch some more.

Some more what?  Sometimes I don’t know anymore, but at least it was nice to get out of the house after constant writing and constant being distracted by the Internet.  At least I’ve got two more chapters to go with the second book of Loving Ashe, predictably called Loving Riley before I consider taking part of Harlequin’s writing contest on Wattpad.

It’s funny how ideas work.  A week ago, I was awash with ideas – so many in fact that it almost seemed that I wasn’t going to finish Loving Riley because I was dying – just dying – to get started with the next book. Then someone tells me about Harlequin’s contest with their 15 categories or so, and – poof! – the ideas and story plots are all GONE.

Just gone.

Go figure.   Although most days, I’ve stopped even trying.

Happy Fourth everyone!  Hope it was a good one!

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