9 thoughts on “The Real Poet

  1. What? What’s wrong with

    Hey baby I’m worth it
    Oh yah I’m worth it
    Hey baby I’m worth it
    Oh yah I’m worth it

    It’s okay, I slapped myself.

  2. ‘You know the day destroys the night
    Night divides the day
    Tried to run
    Tried to hide
    Break on through to the other side’

      1. I think that Strange Days might be the best doors album, from cover art to production and of course the songs. Most people are all over the first album, but the opening notes of ‘People are Strange’, the inimitable swooping guitar of Moonlight Drive, it’s awesome. My only issue now I’m a grownup is that there are too many songs addressed to ‘girl’. (My first version of it was someone’s hand-me-down vinyl lp, and iirc for some reason it was missing at least one song that’s found on the other versions of the album. I think that the song is ‘Unhappy Girl’).

  3. BTW, did you intentionally write these posts or make the paintings because it was the anniversary of Morrison’s death?

      1. Without even realizing that it was July 3 (which my aunt and uncle would always spend talking and arguing about Jim’s death or non-death) I got so inspired that I read at John Densmore’s forum, and then all the reviews and author interviews of a book about Jim’s college years that I could find. It was a nice way to commemorate him, even if unintentionally. (FTR I felt really badly when Ray died, although in recent years I felt he was really selling out).

      2. I didn’t realize he died on that day either but it was a nice way to remember him since I’d been playing the Doors’ live album that morning 🙂

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