Don’t Take It Personally

 My soon to be 100-year old friend told me a long time ago that I should stop worrying too much about what people think of me because all people really think about is themselves. 

Which leads me to one piece of advice to go with her piece of wisdom, that no matter what I assume people might be thinking or doing, Don’t take it personally.

Some fashion bigwig blocked you on Instagram for commenting with hearts but he’d love for you to buy his shit? Don’t take it personally.

The consulate website neglecting to add in the fine print – after you get there at 4:30 battling horrendous LA traffic and someone just stole the spare tire cover from your car because you’re in LA after all – that notarization papers are only accepted until 3 so ‘please come back tomorrow’? Don’t take it personally. 

People in line at the Philippine air cargo place giving you judgmental looks because your 5-year old is being a 5-year old on the spectrum? Don’t take it personally.

I just don’t understand why I do.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Take It Personally

  1. Because you care, even about what idiots think. It comes from empathy, I think, and so many people have none it seems. That ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and it be a meaningful experience,to look at someones face and feel what they are projecting to you. A powerful tool inter-personally but when turned against yourself, a pitiless tormenter.

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