After the Fall


Not my favorite picture at all, but one of the first I spotted (the first had my brother standing next to me, and  he does not like having his pictures anywhere online so that was out of the running).  This was taken in New Mexico by my friend Sara, who takes the most amazing pictures.

She asked me to pose for her one afternoon – without make-up – which is very rare for me to do.  The first time I ever went out without make-up was with this guy I was so crazy about and for this wedding that he was taking me to, he persuaded me NOT to wear make-up which would have gone with my amazing dress.  Lesson to self: never listen to guys tell you that you look beautiful without make-up (and I don’t even care how cray-cray you are for the guy – just don’t), not when your couture dress and shoes require you to have a face to match the ensemble and everyone present at a Malibu wedding, no less.

But, I digress – for Sara, I was willing to pose without make-up.  I’d just split up from said boyfriend, or whatever he wanted to call himself, and I was down in the dumps.  We walked around the neighborhood, through the tall weeds that bordered the South Valley of Albuquerque and she told me where to look, what to do, and I just followed directions, not knowing what would come out.  Out of all the pictures she took, I picked only one, and it wasn’t this picture.

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7 thoughts on “After the Fall

  1. What the….I want to see the one you picked! This is pretty, I like the natural look, I wear it all summer. lol.

    1. Aww thank you! I wish I could get away with the natural look especially since I have such a resting bitch face it’s not funny 😛

      The other one is the pic of me leaning against a wall. I use it for my Instagram account morrighans_muse.

  2. There is something very appealing about natural beauty, unadorned. You have that. Living with 5 Korean females in the house has taught me never interfere with makeup time and to plan ahead for it. 🙂

      1. It’s important and all male bipedal hominids generally fail to understand and appreciate the level of effort involved on a recurring basis. Some lessons are learned with difficulty. 🙂

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