6 thoughts on “Status Window

  1. I think that is why I post so sparsely on Facebook. I know how I feel looking at the pictures of everyone else’s success and I think, perhaps a tad too self-righteously, better to keep the good and the bad to myself with equal caution.

    1. I don’t post pictures of myself on FB either because I’m too busy taking the pics to be in them.

      There’s actually an interesting article about how one does not own pictures they post on social media because while no one can repost something of yours in that medium (Facebook, Instagram, etc), someone can screen cap it, alter it and even sell it and there’s nothing that can be done as legal recourse. Someone is doing just that right now and selling his screen capped Instagram pics for $90k each with no compensation to the subjects. And it’s all Legal!

      1. I’m so guilty of taking screen caps…lol. But I haven’t sold them. That’s crazy stuff!

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