Piercing Curious

garrett neff instagram

A lot of people who know me have no idea I draw or make art. I guess I’m more known for my work as a massage therapist than my writing and even my drawings.

With my recent decision to step down from teaching massage after seven years (I’ll keep my private practice though), while it was depressing and one of the scariest decisions I’ve made so far (and not yet formalized), I’m amazed at the creativity that has been unleashed since that last class. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and all because I need to devote time to write and not only that, but after finally coming out of hiding from all the writing, I have discovered my muse and have become more inspired to do more.

It’s scary when one ventures out their front door, indeed.

Anyway while my ramblings have nothing to do with the blog post, this is from model Garrett Neff’s Instagram and his captioned musing over getting an ear piercing – or not.

This picture is also what I sent my mom for Mother’s Day and is her favorite, prompting her to say, “See?  If you only took art when I told you to that summer instead of karate, you’d be a famous artist by now!”

Mothers know best, right?

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