Body of Lies

her body tells her things
she doesn’t want to know
so many lies uncovered
no matter where she goes

that she has to do this thing or that
just to fit right in
when it only takes her the farthest
from who she really is within

when every scar is hidden
and every imperfection denied
her body never lies though
it uncovers every truth that she hides

and as her mind overrules her
and always undermines
her body tells her anyway
every single time

trust yourself, it says to her,
you know what to do
don’t listen to the naysayers
they’ve long forgotten their truth

it’s in your every heartbeat
and every word you say
it’s hidden behind your smiles
when you say, i’m okay

until you face the awful truth,
confront each self-fulfilling lie
your body will always tell its truth
till the day you let it die

2015  © Liz Madrid

2 thoughts on “Body of Lies

  1. Another excellent poem with razor sharp reflection. So true. Self image, whether truthful or not, can wreak havoc in our lives unless the balance between positive attributes and negative perceptions are in balance. Easy to say, nearly impossible to do.

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