Baby Steps Still

Baby steps still
that’s all I’ve done so far
making these life changes ever so slowly
taking too long though, like a dying star

but it’s really why I do it
all these changes life throws at me
like the unhappiness I feel these days
doing something that used to make me so happy

like teaching others
about touch and similar things just like it
but I hate seeing the indifference
they’re only there for the hours on their transcript

that even if some of them
truly do enjoy the stuff I do
it’s too late, and it’s time to move on
do something else, like the things I really want to

like writing
and everything that comes with it
the pain, the heartache and most of all the joy –
so I might as well get on with it.

7 thoughts on “Baby Steps Still

  1. I feel your words as much as I envision them. You were one of the first people I followed on WordPress, which was a challenge at the time because I wasn’t sure what that meant. Your stories and poetry have inspired me, enthralled me, and taught me. I connect very much to this one. The virtual typewriter calls one to it like the sirens and cave nymphs called to ancient mariners. Those stories that live in one’s head are entangled in one’s life and sometimes they just can’t be ignored. I hope you write and wish you well.

  2. I agree. Writing is a lifetime goal and we never stop learning.
    “Baby steps still that’s all I’ve done so far.” Thank you for sharing your outstanding poetry.

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