Wherever You Are

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

If I were having a nightmare, my father, who would have turned another year older today, would be the one I’d want to see on the other side of that door. I’d open it, see him and say, Happy Birthday, Daddy. I hope you’re having a hell of a party on the other side, because you sure had a hell of one over here.  And we, the ones who are left behind, are kinda still paying for it.

It made sense now when my father told me a long time ago that he’d done the best he could to provide for us, that he’d given us the chance of an education – and that was it.  No properties to hand out, no houses to pass on.  Nothing.  Not that we were expecting any because he already told us there was nothing for him to pass on.  But he did leave us something – bridges, lots of burned bridges.

But on his birthday, if I ever found myself in that nightmare, that’s who I’d want to see – for now.  Even if it’s just to say, Happy Birthday, Daddy.  I hope you’re well, wherever you are.

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2 thoughts on “Wherever You Are

  1. Love the art that goes with this post. I liked how you seemed to forgive your father his earthly transgressions to wish his memory a happy birthday. There is something very healing about that to me.

    1. Thank you. I started writing original fiction in earnest the day he got sick and then even more when he died so I haven’t given myself time to grieve except through writing my novels.

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