Sunday Photo Fiction: Still Waitin’


You know what, Hal, are you sure you got the time right?  It’s been, like, forever since we’ve been sittin’ here waitin’ for your gal to show.  Now I know gals can be like that – take their ol’ sweet time primpin’ themselves up all pretty like, but this is ridiculous.  You know what I mean?

I mean, look at us, two old geezers still sittin’ here waiting for that gal of yours to come and give you her answer.  Shouldn’t it be obvious, Hal?  Hey, are you even listenin’ to me?  Hell, you’re nothin’ but skin and bones now,  like a hound dog still waitin’ for a damn bone.  Hell, you and me, we’re all bones as it is.  I can see your zygomatic showin’ and what can I say, you always did have some pretty defined cheek bones for a cowboy.

So what do you say, eh?  Shouldn’t we set out now and find ourselves some other gal who’d appreciate us more, and not have us waitin’ forever for nothin’?  You ready, old pal?  Hal?

I can’t believe you ain’t even listenin’, still staring out that old window like she really is comin’ for ya.  Well, see ya.

(199 words)

Sunday Photo Fiction

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