My Christmas Was Grand. How Was Yours?

So Christmas came and went
and I attended all parties but one
for after driving 250 miles for parties and overnighters
On Christmas day, I was just about done

Hacking and coughing,
not sleeping at all
Saying no to the 5-year old who won’t quit asking,
You could say I’m having a ball

So let me clear up my lungs
People think healing’s just a snap
But at least I can say I met Santa
even though I never got to sit on his lap

There were gifts aplenty
though I’ve long lost count
Santa’s been generous, it seems, this year
Even though his gifts all go on my account

But the 5-year old doesn’t know that yet
and maybe he never will
I just hope he knows he’s staying on the Naughty list
because next year, I won’t be able to foot the bill

So I hope your Christmas was grand
I know mine was okay
I missed one party, so it’s not all bad
Even if the party I missed was on Christmas day.

6 thoughts on “My Christmas Was Grand. How Was Yours?

  1. I had a wonderful LEGO day! I got tons of Legos, got to see Bo5A (LOVED IT), got everything I wanted and didn’t need, plus gift cards to buy more stuff I don’t need. Lots of Tolkien books too. Hope you are feeling better soon. ❤

  2. Love the poem! I hope your Christmas was not so bad and that you are feeling better as I write this. Have a great new year with more blessings than the past!!!

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