The Things We Choose To See

Why is the sky always falling
when there’s nothing that tells us it will
but the fears and worries constantly filling our minds
or maybe I’m just living in a dream world without any ill

but it’s there, wherever I go,
It was there when I grew up and they called it martial law
It was there when everyone wore yellow
It was there when the world watched a regime fall

It was there when young love came to me
kissed me and then went away
it was there when the tears fell
and the words tearing through my heart somehow found its way

onto the page, where no one could see
the fears and the joys that filled me to the brim
and then one day came the chance to show off
work that was once hidden deep within

and now, works pile up on the virtual page
on desktops, laptops and mobile screens
anything that comes to mind regurgitated,
I was no longer alone, joining drama kings and queens

who complained about everything
even the sky falling every day
to anyone who would listen, or read
as long as there was something they could say

But the sky isn’t falling
no matter how dystopian your world view may be
I just wish we could all see the good more than the bad
I wish the bad things in this world isn’t all that we choose to see.

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