Droopy Left Eye

I have a droopy left eye
And I never even knew this
I never noticed how time flew by
how everything fell apart,
bit by bit

It makes me wonder now
what else I could have missed
Am I next in line for a lift of my brow
How come no one ever told me that this is how life
really is

That things will start to droop and sag
when you least expect them to
that soon you’ll be called an old hag,
no match for the mark of the years –
what’s a girl to do?

Should I grow old gracefully
even when all around me they’re fighting the years
with nips and tucks all done so skillfully,
slits and stitches meant to hide
aging fears

Or should I simply welcome the years,
and let them stamp experience on my face
every laugh, every smile, even all the tears
should I step away from the madness of youth,
and cherish every year’s trace

For every wrinkle holds a name
even for just a moment, maybe two
Every laugh line bears no shame
of a life lived in love, a life
lived in truth.

4 thoughts on “Droopy Left Eye

  1. I think there is a point when we transition from “youthful” to “mature” that we prefer youthful and fear the changes we see. But, no matter the effort or the DNA, we leave our youth behind. Just remember, no matter how mature one becomes, another will always see the true beauty that never departs.

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