There’s a dragon on my wall
his great eyes have seen all
that I never wanted
him to see –
everything and every one
that I could
never be.

He’s seen the secrets
that I’ve long kept under covers,
the wishes never recovered,
and now my soul’s as dark as coal
for the dreams – they never took hold
and now I’m simply
too old.

Painting © Coe Kitten



6 thoughts on “Dragon

  1. Beautiful painting. Willy and I are a bit partial to Dragon art :-). I love how your poem ties the angry eye of the dragon to the witness of a life spent with unfulfilled dreams. It evokes many reflections.

    1. Thanks, Willy! The eye really does get you! It’s an unfinished painting in my studio (not mine) and now I want to start painting again! Tick off one of those unfulfilled dreams 😉

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