It’ll Have To Be…Me

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

I can’t pick my grandmother to narrate this blog because she’s dead –
dead now for quite a few years
and even if she were alive, she’d kill me because
I’ve kinda incriminated her in a few blog posts.
And if there’s anything you do not do with my grandmother,
it’s to incriminate her –
for anything.
And I can’t really pick Samuel L. Jackson either because, well –
he’s Samuel L. Jackson,
and I doubt he could do the whining that I normally do on this blog
as well as I can.
So it might as well be me –
for no one does MorrighansMuse as well as, well –
And that’s me.
So you’ll just have to make do with me then,
won’t you?


Daily Prompt

6 thoughts on “It’ll Have To Be…Me

  1. Oh gosh I can never choose me in a million years, cuz although in person I get compliments on my voice but on recording for some reason I get the worst voice ever, I’m actually embarrassed by it ! Lol
    But I’m quiet happy to know you feel confident enough to nominate yourself. Cheers to that ! 😆

    1. I worked at a radio station a long time ago, and was on the air for over a year doing the news so I’m okay with nominating myself. These days I’m not as good as I think I could be if I stuck to radio but then that’s why I only lasted a little over a year – it wasn’t what I really wanted 🙂

      But your choice is awesome though – and the helium bit was hilarious!

      1. Oh wow, one gotta have some pretty good communication skills to be on radio. You must be really good at it ^_^

        Thank you for reading my version on it, I ought to do that helium bit one day too 😆

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