Finding Sam: 168K Reads So Far…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my inspiration for the novel I was writing, and the song that also begun my journey to write this story, even though I was in the midst of writing something else.  Anyway, ever since I posted my novel on Wattpad around the end of June, it’s gotten about 168K reads (it’s slowed down since I kinda ended the novel), but it’s been an interesting ride so far.

When the story finally first got noticed in July, it was interesting to see the “reads” spike to a thousand a day.  Readers read chapter after chapter in a span of one or two days.  Some read 45 chapters in a day, and wrote about how much they loved it.   I’d like to think I’ve got something good.  I’d like to think I’ve got something worth reading.

So if I haven’t been writing much poetry or doing the Daily Prompts lately, that’s why. I’ve been busy writing.  And writing some more.  Actually I’m editing it, hoping I can get the book published in a few months.  Right now, I’m searching for the perfect cover – hence the temporary cover with actress Caroline Dhavernas, who I think is just absolutely beautiful.

So after hiding this story from my very own blog (shame on me, right?), here she is.  Finding Sam.


7 thoughts on “Finding Sam: 168K Reads So Far…

  1. Congratulations! That’s a massive number of readers. How did people find out about it? Are you sending the novel to publishers or are you thinking of self-publishing?

    1. Thanks! I’m probably going to self-publish. I’m still in editing, but the rough draft is on wattpad. The 168K is the number of “reads” or clicks per chapter. So if a person reads the whole novel with 45 chapters, they’d have 45 reads (I don’t know if it counts non-members of wattpad though).

      I honestly don’t know how people found out about it, but I have a sneaking suspicion it had to do with my initial Michael Fassbender cover 🙂

  2. Reading, Finding Sam, is like wading in the warm gulf waters at the beach in south Florida. You sink comfortably into it and the waves hit, first gently, then more powerfully, until you find yourself in the riptide and a bit too far from shore. I look forward to owning my own copy to read and reread.

      1. Ha! all of my technical writing is edited by a professional, but my personal writing is always edited by me and that either results in massive mistakes or a continuous cycle of editing my edits that never ends . I just have to give up sometimes and let it go out. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to you too 🙂 Great read so far!

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