So I Got Myself A (Virtual) Typewriter…

Thanks to Tom Hanks and his love for typewriters, I now have Hanxwriter on my iPad and I couldn’t be any more happier than I am now – for a Thursday.

Who cares if I forgot to water the lawn before 9am?  Or that it’s almost ten and the kiddo hasn’t had breakfast yet (I’ll make oatmeal right after this – I promise!) when I just wrote typed my first nonet on a virtual typewriter!

I received my first typewriter when
I was twelve years old, my mind filled
with stories dying to be
set free.  Each day I typed
late into the night
till neighbors yelled,
"Go to bed!
Or you're

9 thoughts on “So I Got Myself A (Virtual) Typewriter…

  1. OMG!!! I must do this with my laptop!!! I maybe more inclined to finish my latest Lady O story. I’ve writer’s block, not to be confused with me being a blockhead.

    1. Definitely no match against the real thing 🙂

      I wish I had room to store typewriters. I still visit my local thrift shops to look for unwanted ones, but so far, I’ve only seen the electric 90’s ones. Still, I’m woefully devoid of room so this hanxwriter will have to do for now.

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