When Words Failed Me

20140720-151607-54967379.jpgWhen words failed me
once upon a time
I drew out my heart
and carved out the rhymes
that fell out of it
every damn word
I drew every tear of pain
for every word, unheard

And when it was all over
when all I wanted was to destroy every one
every page bearing proof  of my despair,
a time when I was undone,
you kept them all hidden
you kept them all safe from me
the one for whom each stroke of my pen –
to my scarred lock, was its key

7 thoughts on “When Words Failed Me

  1. Yes! I stood and gave you a loud, Hell Yes! An inspiring release and your artwork is so expressive with such clean lines. I was pulled so deep into this, so quickly, I lost both flip-flops and my dignity too. I loved it!

    1. Thank you so much, Willy! I hope you found your flip-flops – and your dignity 🙂

      I was quite prolific then with my drawing, though most of them are really painful to look at. But thank goodness I stuck to pen. It would have been more interesting with all the colors 😛

      1. I think you should draw more, a lot. You are talented and have a style great for illustration. You’re picture with the tear produced a similar one way over here. That’s powerful! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to put art and poetry together. I remembered seeing a reproduction of Frida Kahlo’s diary one day and paired with her words, the art was so powerful.

      It’s so nice to meet you, too!

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