What images does “relic” conjure for you?

Santa Fe State Penitentiary
Santa Fe State Penitentiary

Site of the one of the worst prison riots that killed 33 inmates in 1980, the Santa Fe State Penitentiary has long been closed down.  But it’s a favorite location for commercials and movies like Lockdown, All the Pretty Horses and The Longest Yard.

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One thought on “Relic

  1. This picture of the decayed tower with the word, “rehabilitation” on it gives me the same chill as, “Arbeit Macht Frei.” That statement on the gates of Nazi death camps freed no one and America’s criminal justice system rehabilitates just as many. The picture is a symbol of a deeply flawed system in a society consumed by crime and violence. The answer isn’t warehousing millions of criminals but in the core of how we relate, how we connect, one to another.

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