Struck a Chord

Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.


I always loved the sound of a piano.  When played so expertly, the music is just too beautiful to ignore. So naturally I wanted to learn how to play it.

But my father’s new wife played the piano.  Not only that, she played the organ, too.  So my mother outlawed the mention of a piano from the house – or any type of music or instrument for that matter.  We didn’t even have a radio till I begged one for Christmas when I was almost eleven years old.

When my father sent me an organ, it was one of my stepmother’s old ones, and so my mother laughed and said, “Get it out of the house.  I don’t want to see that ugly thing.  You wanted a simple piano, “she  said. ” And he sent you an organ the puta didn’t need any more.”

I still love pianos – the look, their sound, the emotions it renders when played so beautifully.

But organs are a whole different matter. I loathe them.  I can’t stand them.  It amazes me what sounds it can produce, even the sounds of a choir singing a chorus, should the organist need one – and it’s creepy as heck.  Even in churches, I don’t like organs, no matter how beautiful they may play.  For I always remember the old hand-me-down organ that my father sent me – after I begged him to give me a piano.

But he should have known better.  An organ is no piano.

Especially when the damn thing didn’t even work.

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6 thoughts on “Struck a Chord

  1. I love the piano and I can play it although I’m somewhat out of practice (I can also play the guitar albeit badly). I have a piano of my own and I’m currently on the hunt for somewhere to live that can accommodate it as it’s currently about 150 miles away at my grandma’s house. My granddad taught me to play when I was 5 and I started having lessons when I was 8 (my piano was his). My mum also plays so I was brought up with the beautiful sound it makes. I currently listen to a lot of James Rhodes, a classical pianist who has a more inclusive outlook to classical music than a lot of musicians. He rocks up to his concerts in jeans and trainers and tells the audience all the sordid details of the composer’s life. He’s also a close friend of Mr Cumberbatch which of course endears him to me a little more 😉

    You’re right that an organ is no piano. By that I mean the electronic sort that I guess you were given. I do love the sound of a good church organ, especially if Widor’s Toccata is being played 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Kathryn! I wish I could play the piano! I can play one or two things (Row Row Row Your Boat and She’s Coming Round the Mountain) but I wish I could play better. I do love to listen to James Rhodes, too, and didn’t know he’s a close friend the Cumberbatch!

      I’ve yet to listen to Widor’s Toccata! I was invited to this recital once and it was a show sponsored by the Roland Corporation and I almost channeled my mother, it was horrible (to me).

      1. I find Rhodes fascinating on many levels…his Twitter is frequently hilarious. Plus he once replied to a tweet I sent him sending me into raptures for days! Lol! He was at Harrow with Cumberbatch.

        It’s a shame that something that should be enjoyable has been spoilt for you. If you fancy listening to Widor, which of course you might not, then a fab recital of it can be found here recorded in Newark, New Jersey.

        My parents had it played as the bridal entrance music at their wedding, my brother had it played at the end of his wedding and if I ever get married I’d like it played at mine.

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