First Hair Cut


My little boy had his first hair cut today
after his father cut his bangs too short
So I told him we had to get his hair fixed
before someone was going to get hurt

So off we went to the nearby coffee shop
to get the treats to distract the poor boy
Cake pops, popcorn, even juice and a box of milk
he didn’t even think of getting  a toy

My little boy surprised me with how well-behaved he was
as he admired his cute mischievous reflection
sitting still as she trimmed his hair
except for hating the shears, he was perfection

And now I can’t get over the change
for my little baby has turned into a little boy
with hair cut short, no more scraggly strands
but he’ll always be my bundle of joy

6 thoughts on “First Hair Cut

  1. I swear your little boy is part lolcat because everytime I see a pic of him I go “Awwwwwwww.” He is just adorable!

    1. I hated having my hair cut, too, when I was little because my grandmother did it and she always gave me this ugly bowl cut when all I wanted was to have long hair like all my classmates.

      My little guy did quite well though – I’d prepped him with some videos and his hair had gotten really long already anyway that he was ready to have it all lopped off. Well that, and his daddy’s awful trimming skills…

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