Because Sometimes I Like To Sketch…

doodle 2
Because sometimes I like to sketch,
and sometimes I like to dream
sometimes I go from one end to the other
often to each extreme.
Sometimes I dream in color,
yet sometimes it’s black and white,
always allowing in the grays
just before the coming of the night.
Sometimes I see things in pieces
sketch them one part at a time,
sometimes they never come together,
sometimes it’s simply my design,
for in this life, stories never end
yet some of them end too soon,
so I keep on going till I reach the edges
I keep on going till I run out of room.


6 thoughts on “Because Sometimes I Like To Sketch…

  1. I’ve just been catching up on people’s blogs and I see a missed a lot of your posts. I read one, thought “Oh, I like that” and so clicked the “like” button. Kept going until I realised I’d liked about a dozen posts of yours all at once. So to prevent me getting a reputation as Morrighansmuse’s Creepy Stalker, please put a “likes the whole blog, but not in a weird, disturbing kinda way” button. Thanks.

    1. By the way, somehow I must have gotten blind but I can’t find any place to post a comment on your blog posts!

      Guess you won’t be a recurring character on Sons of Anarchy :/

      1. I set comments to close after ten days because people would leave comments on old posts and I’d miss them. I could leave comments open and just pay more attention to what’s going on in my blog but that sounds like a lot of work, which I am morally opposed to.

    1. Thank you! It’s one of mine. I don’t know how to color (unless it’s with coloring pencils or crayons, and then I don’t know how to blend) but pencil or pen I know 🙂

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