Your invitation found its way to my house
though I believe you’ve made a mistake
sending it to the woman you once loved
were you drunk when you sent this?
Were you awake?

I could tell your handwriting on the paper
the flourish that I always recognized
as you wrote my name, did you even remember
how you used to have everything about me memorized?

From the feel of my skin under your fingers
the way my hair fluttered about your face
whenever the wind blew, do you ever miss
the scars you made that you loved to trace?

Do you still dream of our times together
when we ceased being of two but one?
Do you wish to relive those times again?
do you even know how much of me you’ve undone?

Your invitation made its way to find me
long after I’ve moved far away
Is this a reminder to never forget you
and the way you branded my soul
whenever I strayed?

3 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. I love how you tell a story in your poetry. The imagery is so powerful, I almost look away, embarrassed to intrude on the scene. But, I can’t look away, I have to know how it ends.

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