For Jonas


Your father died tonight
while you were attending evening class,
listening to me talk about pain and sleeplessness,
never knowing things weren’t meant to last.
You cried as I held you,
trembling as you said,
my dad passed away tonight.
And in my heart, I felt the dread
of that eternal loss,
despair whisking you far, far away,
I felt it in your bones
a soul so young, already betrayed
by life and its twists and turns,
innocence dragged asunder.
May you find peace in your memories –
and find in them love, beauty and wonder.

2 thoughts on “For Jonas

  1. You gave me a void after reading this. Beautiful and fluid. But I think it shifts to high gear when it came to “innocence dragged asunder.” I liked the entire slow movement of the piece that could be compared to a funeral march. But when you shifted gears it lost the somber feeling.

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