I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

I’ve been meaning to tell you
that I thought of you today
for there was simply too many things
we never got to say.

I see you in the sunrise,
and in the setting of the sun
I see you in everything in between
each moment bleeding into one

every memory we shared a sweet release,
each caress of the wind, a sigh
from my lips to yours wherever you are
how I wish we could have said good-bye

instead I see you everywhere
I even hear you in my dreams
and every morning as I wake
the thoughts of you begin.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

    1. Thank you, Willy Nilly 🙂 It was strange writing that poem – it was like each and everyone person who left me suddenly or without me having to say good-bye was in that poem, in every word.

      1. I sense that investment of yourself in your words. Reading your poems and stories is like having you in the same room telling the story. It has that quality of conversation with the emotions and expressions attached. Of course, Willy and I are sentimental, and we find ourselves mesmerized, and all goofy-eyed. Then, Tiger Mom suspects we aren’t being productive with our time and we’re sent on an errand. I like being mesmerized and goofy-eyed. It’s a nice feeling. 😊

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