beautiful imperfections

She doesn’t see herself as pretty
like all the other girls
she thinks she’s plain and just a bit
pudgy around the edges
with too many curves
but her hair is long and thick
she likes to run her fingers through it
gray strands  named for the pain
she’s overcome with courage
and sometimes, pure grit
she hasn’t painted her nails in such a long time
wishing to see their natural color
feel their texture and run her fingers against
its edges, always something new to discover
about herself, the one she’s long forgotten
hidden beneath over-sized shirts and jeans
and feeling quite common
like all the rest of her, she knows she’s just a plain jane
there’ll be no Botox, no nips nor tucks,
she’s left behind all the shame
for she knows she’s beautiful even in her plainness
each imperfection carved just right
she knows with them, there’s no one like her
her own goddess, it is her right,
beautiful in her own eyes
even when there’s no one else to see
through the old soul she knows so well
for she’s become the woman
she’s always wanted to be

2 thoughts on “beautiful imperfections

  1. That is a beautiful message for all those that think they are diminished by a perceived imperfection. Some think of the flaws, others only see the brilliance of the diamond. *blinded by the light* 🙂

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