what then?


Broken, Part 2 - Lucas North Fan Fiction

what then if he’s not the man
you think he is, this man of your dreams?
what then would you do
when he reveals himself, not at all
like the man you believe he seems
to be on the outside,
the lover you wish for
what if he doesn’t fulfill all that you see in him
for there are certain things
just too hard to ignore
but let me not shatter the dreams you’ve dreamed of
for so long now
the years, they’ve come and gone and you’re still here
but he’s been long gone somehow
gone to fulfill his own destiny,
so far removed from your own
and you’re still here picking up the pieces
I wonder how long you’ve known
that he was never going to be the one for you
the one that your heart has long wished for
for you’ve latched on to nothing but a dream
and now there’s just emptiness
and an open door…

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