Eyes sharp as an eagle’s,
with wings wider than my arms
I’ll fly as high as they can take me
feeling the sun’s rays as it warms
the skin upon my face it prickles
moisture from the clouds we’ve broken through
I am not of one being, I am of many
a woman, a bird, one thorny devil to you
fickle I shall always be,
flying wherever I want to go
changing temperaments whenever it pleases me
becoming whatever I want to be so
at that moment, at any time
for the decision alone is mine
with no one to tell me when or where
not even the how or why, nor will I care
for freedom has its price
not to be relinquished so easily
not even for a look, a touch, a caress
not even for the love you saved for me

Daily Post


7 thoughts on “Chimera

  1. Great choice, There’s nothing more majestic than that of a Chimera, The myth has always been fascinated me all the way to bellerophon. 🙂

  2. Yes..we, as women, have the right to the name Chimera. Not by our physiology, but by our intelligence, creativity, tolerance and stamina.

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