Silence Never Broken


i’m a talkative one, most people say
once you get me going, I’ve got a whole lot of things to say
yet sometimes I know it’s best to be quiet,
not say the things I really want to say,
best to be silent
for my muteness can say so much,
so much more than what you already know,
there’s so much inside me that needs to get out
but all I really want to do is go
somewhere where the wind rustles the leaves
where the rain drips down from the eaves
where the dew glistens on leaves of green
where my eyes see what cannot be seen
where the words find their meanings in the wind
like butterfly wings, suddenly unpinned
so silence is golden, it really is
for there are no words to say what I really feel
like curtains drawn upon the stage
though this time, there is no reveal.

Daily Prompt

8 thoughts on “Silence Never Broken

  1. Wow! nailed me on that one 🙂 The image and words just draw you in and won’t let you go until the end.

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