you’re on my mind today
more than ever before
memories taking me by surprise
because of your rage
it was too hard to ignore
but they come back anyway
unbidden, unwanted
memories of the past glazed over now
by flimsy shades of excuses
maybe it was the gun you held in your hand
maybe I made it all up now
for so much time has passed us by
now you’re old and sorry and sad
and maybe such actions never really existed
outside of my mind’s eye
but I did see them, I felt every one
which made it all so easy, my quick
but memories have a way of tainting
everything that comes after
memories you gave me so long ago
now defile each new memory,
each moment of laughter.
should I question every new moment
against what your stain left in me?
or must I keep on fighting to keep
the light that I know is out there
if only I can see?

Daily Prompt

10 thoughts on “Stain

  1. You definitely have the gift. It resonates so deeply in how we filter everything through the past.

    1. Thank you! I’m working on that gift at the moment – at least allowing it to work on the demons of our past. One good thing is that it allows me to write some decent poetry 😀

      1. So true, the strongest emotions inspire the best work. Your writing has such a natural flow and you can touch on a difficult or delicate subject with such elegance and style. You gave me a smile when I read about your Thai massage therapy and you carefully directed us away from the oil and rubber mattress some Westerners always default to in their thinking. Such Class! 🙂

      2. I never heard of Thai Massage till I got this call from a stranger about 15 years ago, who responded to a bulletin board ad I placed somewhere.

        He whispered, “Do you Thai massage?”

        I didn’t know what the difference was between the massages other than acupressure in TCM (back then) so I asked, “What exactly IS Thai massage?”

        Then he answered, still in this raspy whispery voice, “You know, you rub oil all over your body and you rub your body all over mine.”

        I was in shock but then I laughed so hard he hung up. A week later, he called again and asked me the same question and I told him he’d already called me before and to give it up.

        But that conversation stayed with me till I saw a picture of the Traditional Thai Massage move of stretching on the cover of a national massage magazine. That got me to try it out and from then on, I was hooked.

        No air mattresses or tons of oil anywhere 🙂

        Story gets my students all the time, too 😀

      3. That’s hilarious, maybe not at the moment it happened, but the, “give it up bud,” cracked me up. That is a story all to itself, no doubt. Two wee dragon thumbs up 🙂

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