what do little boys dream of? I ponder
as they lie in bed fast asleep
in their slumber do they ever wonder
of life’s questions, so stark and so deep?
do they see the things we now see
as we watch our lives pass us by?
do they feel the feelings we’ve put asunder
beneath the smiles and the sighs?
or do their dreams tell us of a time
when we, too, dreamed dreams of hope
before life as we know it now tore and plundered
and all we do now is cope
with the realities of loss, the pain of despair?
do their dreams teach us that once upon a time
we clawed not for air?
no, dream your dreams, my love,
and let them bathe you in all that is good
dream your dreams of love and laughter,
of all the good things, always renewed
and let me love you, forever love you –
and feel the love I once felt in my dreams
just dream your dreams and do not worry
loving you, having you – how it all redeems

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Featured Image
“Unmade Bed” – painting by Judy McLaren

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