There’s screaming in the darkness outside my window
Unintelligible because of the noise within
TV blaring, technology deafening,
A child singing, there’s nothing here but din

while outside a woman is crying
screaming her pain through her tears
car door slamming, questions pouring
how did I get used to all this through the years?

As I wonder if I should peer out,
and make sure she’s alright
but it’s too noisy and I can’t hear anymore,
before all goes dark in the night.


4 thoughts on “Cacophony

  1. It is amazing how we get used to so much noise. I bet if someone from hundreds of years ago turned up here they’d have a heart attack from all the noise.
    Great poem!

    1. You’re so right! My friend from Santa Fe, New Mexico came to visit for a few days and said the place was so loud! Both outside, with the cars driving by even though we live in a residential street, and inside – though the inside noise is my own observation, as Mr. M likes to watch his Game of thrones or Breaking Bad at full blast and so you hear the sounds of violence echoing throughout the house. Totally stressful.

      It made me remember how I only had music playing or none at all when I was single, or these days when I’m alone in the house. I never even owned a tv for years till an ex-boyfriend gifted me one for Christmas so he could have something to watch when he stayed over LOL

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