My Mary Magdalene

Where I grew up, so long ago
Easter was a serious affair
They’d take down the statue from the cross,
A simple piece of wood now laid bare

Sometimes we did the stations of the cross,
Taking our turns in line with everyone
I prayed the best that I ever could
Asking forgiveness for every wrong that I’d done.

Saturday there was nothing on TV
But a man being nailed to the cross
Again and again, hour after hour
The faithful seeking what was lost

Sunday, when the sun arose
The lillies now all in bloom
At mass, they’d say, “He is risen!”
And the sighs would fill the room

“For He has died for our sins,” they’d say
“Now risen for our salvation!”
While at home, my mother would sit alone
Forever in silent supplication

For in her heart, there was no reprieve
that even He, the Son, could offer
She was forever Mary Magdalene
But with no one there to forgive her.

Appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalena, 1835
Appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalena, 1835

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