Because I’ve Had a Bit Too Much


For the past week we’ve been eating spaghetti
nothing but good ol’ spaghetti –
all because the man had a craving
and he simply got tired of waiting
for me to get my act together,
and make something that was better
than the usual chicken dishes,
some too exotic they were deemed suspicious.

So while I was at work,
he simply went berserk
and whipped up not one, but three
pots and tubs of spaghetti!
And now we’re all so sick of it.
So back to chicken we commit,
and maybe fish and veggies, too.
Do you like spaghetti?
I’m no longer sure if I do.


2 thoughts on “Because I’ve Had a Bit Too Much

  1. SO could not eat anything with tomatoes for over two years, and we also cut down on pasta. After his transplant, we could not get enough spaghetti. I’ve eaten it like a pig, but I think I’m caught up now.

    Love the photo. : D

    1. I had mentioned to SO last week that I saw baked spaghetti on Pinterest. Somehow, it piqued his interest enough that when he ended up with a craving, he had the spaghetti sauce sauce ala pot, and then 2 trays of baked spaghetti thereafter, thinking we could freeze it.

      Alas, no room in the freezer meant spaghetti for the week LOL

      Glad to see that you guys are caught up with spaghetti, too!

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