Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else.

It feeds me, it nourishes me, it
tempts me
and when the night beckons, where
my dreams await, it
dances behind my eyelids
awaiting the moment that I

For knowledge – it surprises, it
carves out, it chastises,
constantly improvises
its lessons and tales,
all the wonders it entails
with that click of the mouse, a word,
a letter, always seeking to make
the seeker better

at everything he yearns for, all that
he dreams –
knowledge is power
ignorance redeemed.

Daily Prompt

9 thoughts on “Thirst

  1. Oh I wish I had something as profound as you to confess to. Alas the thing that feeds me, nourishes me, tempts me completely and dances behind my eyelids is a certain dwarf king who claimed back a mountain

    1. Thanks! I started writing about my former obsession with wool spinning but then I realized that I pursued it because of all the knowledge I had gained about how our ancestors made their own clothes, raised their sheep, sheared them and prepped the wool for spinning and then all that. But it all boiled down to my thirst of knowledge. Thank goodness for Google and YouTube 🙂

      Now I want to know what you have and still long for 🙂

      1. I like how your obsession began with wool spinning but really was knowledge when you sifted through the other things related to wool spinning. This is actually similar to my case. I started writing with an interest (a longing) to be a songwriting. I went as far as writing music, singing, and creating a demo of my songs. It took me a while, through realizing what I liked and didn’t like about the process of pursuing my dream of being a songwriter, that I really enjoyed writing–telling a story. So what I longed for was really not to be a songwriter, but a writer, because I really enjoyed and valued storytelling. Thanks for asking!

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